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Delivery form as pancake coils and traverse-wound coils
Strips in pancake coils

The milled profile strips are generally delivered in pancake coils. These are packed lying on round or square pallets. The delivered pancake coils can be cut at Profiltech according to the required maximum dimensions.

Precision in the micrometer range
Standard diameters

Inside diameter (ID) 300 or 400 mm
Outside diameter (OD) 500 – 1500 mm

The following information is required when ordering:

  • Position of the milling on the pallet
  • Pallet size and format
  • Stacking height and max. pallet weight
  • Type of packaging

Traverse-wound coils
Available dimensions

Coil inside diameter 300-400 mm
Coil width from 260 to 380 mm

The use of traverse-wound profile strips allows the running time to be significantly increased.
Milling is performed either from coil to coil, or individual pancake coils are joined together during milling.
After milling, the milled strip is laid transversely on flanged reels.

In order to protect the strip edges or delicate strips, the strip can also be delivered on flanged reels of strip width. Download our Data sheet with details of all the profile strips.

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